"An unscripted live event TV and Digital series that explores the strange world of a pop culture artist as he struggles to create against all odds."

"A father and son suffering from the recent loss of their mother/wife are caught in the never ending game of slap, a game of shame and humiliation where death is the only way out."

"Two silver-spooned Millennials search for purpose with extravagant plans that fail all too perfectly."   

"A desperate song writer/hypnotist transforms a young girl into a musical star, only to find out that he was the one under her spell."  

"After he botches a hit, an effeminate Latino hitman gets a sex change and falls unknowingly for the hitman being paid to kill his former self."

“A millennial girl who survives a tragic motorcycle accident tries to avoid riding again only to find herself back in the

cycle of love and loss”

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